Alternating Current

This 2014 recording features Jeff Cosgrove, Drums; Matthew Shipp, Piano; William Parker, Bass. A recording focused on spontaneous composition with masters of the medium!

“If Cyrille, Taylor, Motian and their ilk have laid the foundations for more than one generation that followed in their wake, then Cosgrove, Shipp and Parker with their powerful, open dialogue are building bridges that will span the years to reach generations to come. ” – Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

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Baltimore City Paper “The trio showed itself to be a powerful, exploratory outfit on this recording[Alternating Current], which is anchored by the nearly 40-minute excursion ‘Bridges of Tomorrow,’ where Cosgrove’s drumming is less the music’s rudder than one of the three improvising minds embarking on this odyssey..

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All About Jazz review #6…”Alternating Current is a completely entrancing recording that captures three master players listening and responding in real time.”

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Free Jazz Collective review…”In a setting where it can be easy to “over play”, this trio lets the music release while they play instead of forcing the notes.”

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Brooklyn Rail review…“The trio consists of three distinct voices never competing but rather playing and building with and off each other.”

Frederick News Post review – “It’s impossible to question the passion these guys have for making sure the material at hand is done right by them.”

Washington City Paper review – Alternating Current, one of the great overlooked releases of the year.

Washington Post said some great things about Alternating Current…in a preview of our gig at Bohemian Caverns. “Cosgrove’s drumming doesn’t provide the music with an engine so much as a lighthouse.”

Writer Jason Bivins gave Alternating Current a great quote…”There are a lot of piano trio recordings out there, but this one is special. Listeners already know how intense the interaction between Shipp and Parker is, but here it’s taken to another level courtesy of the subtle, assured percussion of leader Cosgrove. Don’t sleep on this one.”